As individuals we each have a level of accountability to our communities and their various members. We must maintain our commitment to embracing the differences among our community members, through the process of cultural humility. The Wellness and Learning Initiatives team has developed specialized training workshops designed to facilitate positive intergroup interaction as well as provide competency in supporting individuals of various cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual/gender identities, abilities, and beliefs. We continue our commitment to breaking down stigma, building on the assets and strengths of our communities, and to engaging individuals in an active process of promoting respect for diversity through awareness, knowledge and behaviour.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Embracing diversity and inclusion has become top priority in many institutions across various sectors. This training workshop emphasizes that supporting diversity is far more than identifying harassment and discrimination. It means seeking, accepting, and including all the diverse traits, beliefs, knowledge, and experience that individuals bring to the workplace, the classroom, and into our communities. The Wellness and Learning Initiatives Diversity and Inclusion Training Workshop is designed to increase understanding and expand individual perspectives, allowing participants to actively examine and reflect on their own thoughts, behaviors, experiences, and reactions; while developing the skills required to create more positive and supportive cross-cultural relationships and communication.

2SLGBT*QIA+ Diversity Training Workshop

Organization-wide diversity training is a fundamental step towards creating a supportive, respectful, and inclusive environment. The Wellness and Learning Initiatives team recognizes that it is not a one-size fits all approach. By expanding our diversity programming to include an 2SLGBT*QIA+ Diversity Training Workshop, we reinforce the importance of 2SLGBT*QIA+ inclusion. 2SLGBT*QIA+ community members face unique challenges and it is imperative that the culture and environment embrace these differences, while understanding the challenges of all community members

Without a culture shift towards inclusion, organizations are missing the opportunity provided to take a stand against bias and support the wellbeing of their members. Inclusion does not mean integration. Inclusion is intentionally designed to nurture and support in a visible manner. The 2SLGBT*QIA+ Diversity Training Workshop is about creating a safe, secure culture that supports an inclusive and dynamic environment so all members can thrive.

Crisis Intervention Training

The way an individual reacts to a crisis is a personal and unique experience. This may include difficulties managing feelings, suicidal and/or homicidal behaviours, substance abuse, risky behaviour, and the inability to utilize available support. Intervention becomes necessary when individuals have exhausted their coping strategies and feel hopeless and overwhelmed by their current situation. Through this workshop, participants learn best practices and increase their proficiency in crisis intervention/suicide prevention theories, concepts, and techniques, by learning how to identify at-risk individuals and use nonverbal and verbal techniques to de-escalate the situation and support the individual in need. Through this training workshop, the Wellness and Learning Initiatives team’s goal is to promote growth, development, and crisis resistance in both individuals and within the community.

Please note that for some participants, a more comprehensive training is recommended to increase comfort levels and confidence in responding to individuals who are in crisis and/or suicidal, such as our safeTALK Certification Training Course or the ASIST Training Program offered through Livingworks.

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