The Wellness and Learning Initiatives team can also work with employers and institutional leaders to create unique workshops and engagement initiatives to bring purpose, meaning, and inspiration to their workplace communities, while supporting the overall well-being of employees.

Education Institutional Services

Mental Health Framework Planning and Development

In order to cultivate leadership and instill accountability for the integration of student mental health, the Wellness and Learning Initiatives team will work with institutional leaders to develop an inclusive Mental Health Framework, with a goal of improving the mental health status of the student community. By implementing such a framework, an institution's commitment to supporting positive student mental health and well-being is fulfilled, enhancing all students’ potential for academic and personal success.

Mental Health Policy Development

Through the utilization of an institution's Mental Health Framework, the Wellness and Learning Initiatives team will work with leaders to develop policies and procedures that support optimal student mental health to align with the institution’s strategic goals, planning, and resource allocation decisions. The Wellness and Learning Initiatives team will coordinate accessibility, academic accommodation, and other identified student mental health initiatives, including assessing and determining appropriate responses and supports, while also providing guidance for staff and/or faculty for responding to concerning student behaviour including when to engage formal processes.

Workplace Services

Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessment and Framework

Addressing the topics of mental health and wellbeing are sound business decisions. Mental health concerns in the workplace can directly impact businesses and productivity. The Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessment follows the recommended guidelines as stated the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The Standard is aimed at addressing an employer’s responsibility to create and sustain a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

Working directly with employers, the Wellness and Learning Initiatives team will work to create a workplace that is respectful, inclusive, and supportive of their employee’s physical and psychological wellness. Maintaining this type of workplace is a continuous process and each organization will have their own unique requirements.

Based on a Workplace Needs analysis, in addition to best practice research, the Wellness and Learning Initiatives team will provide customized recommendations including a Workplace Mental Health Framework. These recommendations will include the step-by-step approach required to meet the unique needs identified within the organization and help improve the condition of mental wellness within the workplace. The Wellness and Learning Initiatives team will also provide ongoing support to organizations as they move through the implementation of the various phases to ensure initiatives are continuing to meet the changing needs of the organization.