The Community Connection serves as a safe space for individuals, partners, and our community members to speak openly, check-in with each other, and share their own experiences about how they are impacted by the events in their communities and the world around them. With a strong emphasis on bridging and building healthy relationships, we are invested in supporting and amplifying lives and voices through the lens of community wellness and engagement. Our team of mental health professionals utilize best practices from a proactive, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed and community health-driven lens – lending itself towards an intentionally impactful and connected experiential experience for individuals. In addition, participants will gain skills of empowerment and education that will foster the knowledge and confidence from within to enable them to manage life’s stressors, with a focus on learning the steps to effective advocacy for self and others, while highlighting the importance of individual and collective mentorship.

Moving towards a more specialized mode of support, the Community Connection is a peer-to-peer support resource for individuals and community members to get to know and support one another, learn from professionals how to navigate everyday challenges, and connect with long-term support resources. While this is not a therapy group, those with individual needs are encouraged to talk to the facilitator after the group.

We hear you. We see You. This space is for you.

In doing our part to respond to the needs voiced by our collective community, we have added more virtual spaces and opened-up our groups to accommodate for schedule-flexibility and additional space for you to come-in as you are, share your successes and challenges, while connecting with others in a supportive environment.

Community Connection Groups Available:

As of February 1, 2022, we also introduced the Connection Café; a weekly 30-minute virtual space for people to check-in and connect with others. Wherever you are with your day, this is a space to slow-down, take the time you need and receive support. This is a shorter check-in for those who need it; our other Community Connection groups being 60-minute offerings. Download PDF

Please see attached the Community Connection Calendar for a selection of our group offerings; find your preferred group of interest and under the “JOIN HERE” option – there will be a direct link to that group. We encourage you to be mindful of the time and dates of the group offerings to ensure you don’t miss out, while also maximizing your opportunities to participate, connect, and give / receive support.

The Community Connection groups are peer-to-peer support resources for individuals and community members to get to know and support one another, learn from professionals how to navigate everyday challenges, and connect with long-term support resources.

While we aim for a prompt starting time and a full group of participants each session, this is not always possible. To honour the integrity, safety, and the intention of the Community Connection, we will end a session early if the number of participants is a concern. We are only able to proceed forward with a session that has 2 or more participants in attendance.

What do I need for the Community Connection group?

A device with internet access is required to participate in the exchanges and discussions. Microphone and camera accessibility is encouraged, although use during group sessions is optional.

Need more information?

Email our Wellness and Learning Initiatives team at

Do you need urgent help?

If your mental or emotional state quickly gets worse - help is available.

You're not alone; talk to someone you can trust. Click HERE for support available.

If you are in crisis please call your local Emergency Services or visit the closest Emergency Department.